Michael Myser

Senior Account Executive

Michael is a writer and storyteller with a knack for translating big ideas and difficult concepts into engaging stories and content that resonates. With nearly 20 years of experience writing about numerous topics including technology, business, science, and health and fitness, Michael is adept at unpacking the jargon and finding the seeds of what makes a good story and memorable content. That skill afforded him opportunities to pen stories for Wired, Business 2.0, The Box, Popular Science and eWeek that span a wide media landscape. 

Having logged time on both the east coast (New Jersey) and west coast (San Francisco) as a writer for healthcare, startups and technology firms, Michael is well-positioned to tap into those experiences with Werth clients operating in the same space in the Midwest.  

Michael’s entrepreneurial, get-it-done mentality also paid personal dividends for him as a CrossFit gym coach and owner in Columbus, where he built a fitness business based on his passion for sports and athletics, and helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle.  

Getting to know Michael:

What got you into this business in the first place?      
The writing. I remember teachers as far back as middle school praising my writing, especially on long, in-depth reports. I read voraciously as a teenager, and in part because of that, I think writing really came easily to me.
What attracted you to Werth?    
What struck me immediately was how whip-smart everyone is. My colleagues are not only quick to respond, but they think about solving our clients’ problems not just tactically, but with deep strategy in mind.
What are your must-have sources for news?
New York Times – for daily world news roundups and analysis
Slate – for politics and culture commentary
Wired – for technology news and insight
GroupMe app – I rely on a bunch of close friends for my sports news. We have group chats on this app, so I’m able to stay on top of games and Ohio State news.
What do you do for fun when you’re not working?
My boys are 8 and 11 and really into sports, so especially during baseball and basketball seasons, I’m out there coaching quite a bit, throwing in the yard, and shooting baskets out back.