Greg Wilson

Senior Digital Designer

As Greg sees it, creativity isn’t something you either have or lack. It’s about having the discipline to cultivate it and grow the skills that bring it to life. For nearly two decades that’s the approach he has taken to evolve his work as an artist, designer, art director and UX/UI designer. Greg leverages the power of compelling design to engage audiences, whether on paper or in pixels, and has been responsible for creating and overseeing creative work that spans brand development, graphic design, advertising, website and mobile design, interactive design, and marketing campaigns. Beyond his eye for design, Greg also understands the importance of functional and intuitive user experiences in the digital space that will garner results. It’s this combination of thoughtful design meeting form and function that is invaluable to Werth clients seeking to enhance their digital relevance.  

Prior to joining Werth, Greg spent his career working in agencies and Chicago and Columbus honing his design acumen and leading creative teams. He has built and directed design experiences for numerous clients including tourism brands, learning science (McGraw Hill Education) and widely recognized consumer brands including Honda Motor Company, Procter & Gamble, McDonalds, MolsonCoors Brewing Company (Miller Beer), and Whirlpool Corporation (KitchenAid).

Getting to know Greg:

What inspires you?    
I like looking at fine art, reading books, and listening to music to keep creativity and ideas flowing. By absorbing a lot of design and creativity in a lot of different media, I can apply what I’m learning to my work. I find getting away from the traditional media helps clear and refresh my perspective.
What got you into this business in the first place?    
I was exposed to agency life with internships in college and I liked the problem solving-aspect going on in agencies and design firms. The work seemed to be about unraveling a puzzle to solve a specific problem at hand and I liked that. I was attracted to the creative side where solutions were being offered with creative concepts and design.
What’s the greatest/best compliment you’ve received?    
Someone once told me: “Greg … you can make anything look good.” I found that encouraging, and I took it to mean that I can adapt my skills to a variety of different types of work for clients in different types of media – from digital to print to environmental.
What was growing up like for you?  
I grew up in a very small town community where even at a young age I was given a lot of freedom to explore. I have a twin brother, and we were always looking out for each other, so I always felt pretty secure growing up. I quickly wanted to explore outside of my small town and chose to go to college in Cincinnati, and then immediately went to work in Chicago for several years. I was always looking for bigger communities to expand my view on arts and culture, but I like being from a small town. I feel more grounded, genuine, and real because of it.
If you had to live on a desert island what would you miss most? 
As more of a visual person, I think I need to change my view more often than most people, and often try to do so even during the course of my day. The ocean is beautiful and all, but everything gets old after a while.