Graham Shippy

Account Executive

Graham is that versatile professional that is comfortable being tagged as a writer, a marketer, a social media specialist and now a public relations practitioner. Experience in all of these specializations makes Graham a valuable contributor to a number clients in the Werth portfolio.

Prior to joining Werth, Graham gained client-facing experience in an advertising agency where he honed his skills in developing, budgeting and executing marketing plans for clients in retail, QSR and casual dining, and destination and tourism. While there he also developed blog content and drafted articles for clients. His previous work for a health and safety services company had wide-reaching responsibilities including content for the company website and social media channels, managing email and traditional marketing strategies, and developing relationships with local and trade media for earned and paid media opportunities.

Rounding out his diverse experience, Graham also worked as a freelance writer for a sports-themed magazine. His love of sports makes for an apropos metaphor for how he approaches his work: no matter what the scenario is, when his number is called he shows up ready to compete with the best.

Getting to know Graham:

Who has been the biggest influence in your career?
My mother and father, both of whom are seasoned communicators and have taught me the importance of working hard, being involved, asking questions and developing strong writing skills. I’ve acquired most of my communications skills/habits, competitive drive and Cleveland sports fandom from them.
What attracted you to Werth?
The firm’s reputation. I’d heard many praises about the tradition and influence of the agency, and I was impressed with the professionalism and level of knowledge of the team. I knew it would be a place to become the best communications professional that I can be.
What are your go-to sources for news?
CNN, NPR, Yahoo, New York Times, Twitter, Reddit
What do you do for fun when you’re not working?
I have a variety of interests – I enjoy visiting restaurants, bars, breweries and new places with friends and family. I also play recreational sports, love live music, and enjoy discovering new adventures around Columbus. When I have the opportunity, I also enjoy freelance writing as it provides an outlet for practicing my writing skills.