Jimmy Lump, J.D.

Director of Digital and Creative Services

If you think a creative leader with degrees in law, philosophy and psychology automatically means you lose every design argument – or any argument for that matter – think again. Jimmy brings his former legal training and a thoughtful approach to bear on every project by delving deep into client motives and arguments that need carefully worded to be persuasive, and combines those insights with his ability to produce award-winning creative deliverables.

As our Director of Digital and Creative Services, Jimmy provides creative oversight and strategic solutions that cross both digital and traditional channels, and provides fresh perspectives on how to tackle an ever-changing digital landscape. He leads a variety of creative initiatives for Werth clients spanning education, healthcare, nonprofit, member associations and public and private companies.

Prior to joining Werth, Jimmy served as the Vice President of Brand for a Columbus-based creative agency. There he led a team of strategists, designers and developers in producing digital-first strategies, creating websites and developing brands for The Ohio State University, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, New York University, Strayer University and Pearson Education, among many others.

Getting to know Jimmy:

How did your background in law prepare you for your work today?
Law required me to think strategically and creatively. With every brief written or argument given, word choice and an argument’s structure are essential to persuasion. Law prepared me to be a communication architect, which, much like law, is basis for public relations and creative work.
How do you come up with solutions for clients?
Solutions are based on the audience. I start with basic questions including: What is most important to the audience? What do they truly value? Once I understand those basic questions, I can then be empathetic to the audience and see the world from their perspective.
What are your favorite Internet sites?
Medium is my favorite website. It has changed the way we blog and create meaningful, shareable stories.
What inspires you?
I find the greatest inspiration in those moments in-between thought and cognitive action. When you watch a stranger act with a flash of kindness like second nature, or the precise step of a dancer who has practiced the routine six dozen times before. In those moments you see what shapes the world – why and how we move. Those moments are absent of cognition but are driven by the ideas and values we hold. They are an unbiased glimpse into the life of each of us.