Randy Crader

Senior Account Executive

Describing Randy’s communications and public policy career as “high stakes” would be accurate – in part because he has been in the thick of public policy decisions and political campaigns at the highest level.

As a member of Governor John R. Kasich’s Administration, and then serving in an integral operations and strategy role on the Kasich for America presidential campaign, Randy understands the importance of thinking on your feet, being adaptable and crafting the correct message.

His experience in communication strategy on behalf of the Office of the Governor of Ohio and a presidential campaign translates well to Werth’s client base. Whether clients are seeking guidance in navigating public policy or needing an experienced strategist, Randy can develop, articulate and cascade a vision and message to stakeholders. He leverages his creativity and strategic problem-solving skills – while also drawing upon past experiences and his behind-the-scenes perspective on how decision-makers come to conclusions – to help clients achieve their goals.

As a communicator who cut his teeth in politics, Randy understands this reality: In today’s always-on, highly connected society you have to anticipate and lean into what’s next.

Getting to know Randy:

What inspires you?
The belief that one person can change the world. So often we look to those in a position of power for solutions and forget all of us has the ability, and responsibility, to impact the world. The size of an action is nothing compared to the result of an action.
What are your go-to, must-have sources for news?
I am a self-proclaimed news addict. Although I still prefer having a “real” newspaper in my hand, I’m never too far from the digital tools either – Twitter, Flipboard, news websites, blogs or podcasts are all part of the daily intake.
What do you do for fun when you’re not working?
When not at work I am spending time with family and friends, jogging around the city, checking out a new book from the library or trying out the newest restaurant. You won’t find me sitting in one place for too long.
What will your legacy be?
I have always been taught to leave something in better shape than how you initially found it. I hope to live up to that mantra.