Mac Joseph

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Mac is one of those rare hybrid thinkers who embraces left-brained and right-brained thinking to broaden his personal world, while also leveraging that balance in his professional role to help organizations navigate the digital marketing landscape. He understands both the art of creating compelling content and the science of getting it in front of the right audience to take action. It is this one-two punch of digital marketing acumen that makes him an asset to organizations in need of guidance with their online opportunities, as well as digital natives who desire fresh and new perspectives.

Always in tune with his artistic sensibilities, Mac is undaunted by the empty page or blank canvas. He has proven his creative and strategic capability by developing and scaling digital marketing and social media platforms for Sotheby’s and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. He and his team helped the latter to earn a top five digital performance ranking among the top 50 global luxury hoteliers in 2015.

Proficient in leveraging the tools in the digital marketing toolbox (SEO, PPC, Meta search, social and content marketing, to name a few) and armed with the measurements to prove it, Mac has the ability to convey digital strategy in clear and concise language that truly resonates and helps organizations get comfortable to take action in the digital space. Arguably that’s also the perfect starting point for any digital strategy.

Getting to know Mac:

What inspires you?
People showing humility, compassion, strength and perseverance inspire me.
What are your go-to sources for news?
I am an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal and am never more than a click away from Twitter.
What will your legacy be?
I hope to bring something unique to the table so that I can make a real difference in the company and community in which I work and live.
What do you do for fun when your not working?
I love spending time with my family and exploring the arts and culture in Columbus.
What attracted you to Werth?
What attracted me to Werth were the incredibly accomplished associates and the long-standing ties with the Columbus community.