John Predmore

Creative Director

“Compel me to engage.”

Those four words – as if spoken by the toughest client or the most noncommittal consumer – have served as a long-standing challenge to John and his design work. Motivated by that challenge, he continuously produces award-winning design and inspires the creative teams who support him.

John spent his formative years designing for education-based entities such as McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson Education and Scholastic, and it’s where he learned an important truth about his creative work – not everything is a marketing campaign, yet good design can elevate any content. He flexes his design prowess to create eye-catching public campaigns for clients that fuel consumer demand. Considering the often-complex work campaigns at Werth – public policy and governance issues to crisis communication and employee engagement – his critical lens regarding what visually speaks to audiences is invaluable. His design expertise often shines through restraint, boiling design down to the subtleties of typography and white space, sizing and judicious use of color. His touch is often the difference between content that connects and that which gets overlooked.

Regardless of scope, topic or medium, John’s creative work continually demands that audiences take notice. He is the recipient of an International Academy of Visual Arts Communicator Award, multiple American Graphic Design Awards and an American Package Design Award.

Getting to know John:

What inspires you?
I am inspired by art in many forms: nature’s design, fine art, architecture, print magazines, typography, websites, photography, illustration, the list goes on. Being a creative director, I appreciate how design is all around me and I get to incorporate it into my work.
What's the best compliment you've received?
Several designers have said I’ve been a big influence on their career. Knowing I have inspired other creatives and helped them develop their talent is very gratifying.
What attracted you to Werth?
I was a client before I joined Werth, working for McGraw-Hill Education. I experienced first-hand their professionalism and commitment to excellence and knew I’d enjoy being part of the team.
Your social network of preference?
Instagram. I like the visual quality of the medium and the easy access to beautiful images from all over the world.
What do you do for fun when you're not working?
I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to all types of music, watching baseball, hiking in the woods, and grilling outdoors in the summertime.