Jaya Yoo

Senior Vice President

Like any good leader and student of her craft, Jaya’s ability to reimagine and apply key learnings to new challenges is what makes her an ideal Practice Leader for Werth’s education and workforce practice.

For Jaya, helping industries such as insurance recruit and train the next generation of workers with meaningful career opportunities is not far removed from helping education clients realize the benefits of innovative tools, curriculum and services.

Jaya’s career has been immersed in education with one of the most recognizable names in learning, McGraw-Hill Education, for more than two decades. During her tenure, Jaya’s responsibilities continued to expand – covering K-12, professional development, college and career readiness, adult education and workforce development, international markets – all while actively building out products, targeting key audiences and recognizing how best to reach them through progressively evolving marketing channels.

Jaya’s insatiable desire to learn makes her a quick study in client issues. With degrees in political science; diplomacy and foreign affairs; and university certification in Digital Analytics in Theory and Practice, we believe there’s nothing too daunting for Jaya to handle.

One way Jaya pays it forward is by giving away her time and educational talents through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America where she’s served as a Big Sister; she has also helped youth as a College Readiness Mentor for Franklin County.

Getting to know Jaya:

What’s the greatest/best compliment you’ve received?
“Thanks Mom.” Every day that I hear those words is a great day.
How do you come up with solutions for clients?
The best way to find solutions is to force “fear” to exit the room. Fear of looking foolish, fear of being judged harshly, and fear of failure can mean that the best ideas remain unspoken. Seeing things differently – and sharing those insights – can mean the difference between a mediocre and an outstanding solution.
What will your legacy be?
I tell my two sons all the time that they should be kind and help others. I believe that we are all placed on this Earth to help others. I want people to remember me with a smile and say, “She made my world a better place.”
What does it mean to have influence?
To me, having influence means that others value what you say, think and do. In order for others to value you, though, you must value what others say, think and do. Influence, like most things, flows both ways.
Are you a rule follower, rule maker or rule breaker?
It depends on the rule! I love Bill Sharpe’s book Three Horizons: The Patterning of Hope. Sharpe talks about three horizons that co-exist – the processes of the present, emerging innovations, and visions for change. All three horizons are important. An awareness of these horizons and how the present may relate to a potential future means that sometimes rules should be followed, sometimes they should be broken, and sometimes they need to be totally reimagined.