Chana Russell

Accounting Manager

Alongside every effective executive is that exceptional individual who makes sure “things get done” from a fiscal point of view, and that the books are balanced and remain strong. That person at Werth is Chana. Balancing her calm demeanor with a get-it-done attitude, Chana currently plays the critical role of managing all accounting functions for the firm. She is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day needs from billing to invoicing, and accounts receivable to payroll.

Prior to assuming all fiscal responsibilities for the firm, her deep and versatile skill set had Chana  supporting the chief financial officer while also serving as the point of contact between the president and many Werth clients as well as community and business leaders. She has been and continues to be a key contributor to the firm in ways that go far beyond her core responsibilities. And in those moments when a second set of eyes for proofreading are needed, or extra hands are required to support activities for the firm and its clients, Chana is there to be that ultimate and unselfish team player.

Getting to know Chana:

What inspires you?
People who choose to help others.
What does it mean to have influence?
To be able to affect change that helps my community.
What attracted you to Werth?
Werth is all about encouraging creative ideas and finding new ways to make a difference. The industry I previously worked in was very structured. Every day at Werth is different and challenging. We have the privilege of engaging with clients who look to us for help in educating or communicating with the world what they do and why it matters.