Instincts are good. Information is better.

Research delves into the hearts and minds of your audience, discovers what drives their attitudes and behavior, and determines how they feel about your company and your competitors. It’s the litmus to finding what will inspire them to engage with your brand, cause or candidate. In that sense, it’s also one of the most strategic investments you can make in improving your business performance.

Our process begins by clarifying exactly what you need to know, then deploying proven study designs in a variety of techniques such as focus groups, and online and telephone surveying to obtain answers in the simplest and most effective way. The outcomes are data-rich insights that confirm or course-correct long-held beliefs or instincts and help to ensure any future marketing and outreach efforts are strategically allocated for the best results.

Our Research Expertise Includes

Advertising and communications testing
Social media auditing and monitoring
Ethnographic and observational studies
Communication and reputation audits
Individual in-depth interviews
Message testing
Online and telephone surveys
Program tracking management
Public opinion polling
Qualitative/quantitative research
Focus groups
Custom research design
Website usability