Today’s world of education, from pre-K to the college campus, goes beyond simple classroom instruction and is increasingly influenced by issues and stakeholders outside the classroom. To put it bluntly, getting an education isn’t what it used to be. Educators, policymakers and reformers, as well as parents, must be more attuned than ever to issues that impact education including state and federal funding, Common Core State Standards, early childhood development, online learning and digital resources, school improvement and accountability, and education reform.

We have earned a reputation as trusted advisors whose understanding of education issues has led to meaningful impact both in the classroom and among organizations committed to enhancing the learning experience. We understand the nuances and protocol of public policy, and we work to ensure our clients are part of the conversation. And we know how to effectively reach and communicate with targeted audiences – teachers, parents, policymakers and the media – all of whom have a vested interest as well as influence in the future of education. It all adds up to give us an unparalleled perspective to ensure these types of initiatives earn the high marks they deserve.