Werth’s Mac Joseph Gives Marketers Tips to Improve Digital Strategies

October 18, 2016

While digital marketing is a powerful tool, it’s still most effective when used in conjunction with other marketing disciplines. That’s one of several tips Mac Joseph, Werth’s vice president of digital marketing, shared during his Oct. 18 presentation at the monthly meeting of the Columbus chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Mac’s one-hour presentation, “Seven Tips for Digital Marketing Success,” addressed some of the most important factors marketers should consider when developing a digital marketing strategy.

Mac Joseph“Cross pollination is paramount,” Mac told the attendees at the AMA meeting. “Success requires a truly integrated approach where digital marketing supports other communication vehicles such as websites, advertising, blogs, emails and public relations.”

Mac also talked about the i
mportance of producing quality content.

“The quality of the content matters more than the overall quantity,” he said. “The impact of your marketing message will increasingly depend on the quality of the end-user experience.”

Mac said that the amount of branded content created in the last 12 months has increased three-fold, yet engagement is flat. Citing figures from the data analytics firm Beckon, Mac indicated 5 percent of all content captures about 90 percent of engagement. Digital marketers can improve their audiences’ engagement by generating content that’s useful, offering a different perspective, eliciting an emotional response, solving a problem or answering a question, and/or providing value they can’t get anywhere else.

Mac’s other tips included targeting the right people with the right channels, testing digital marketing efforts and iterating as needed, creating a digital strategy that can be measured against established goals, identifying opportunities to improve search engine results, and keeping the overall digital experience as simple as possible.

Audience members clearly appreciated Mac’s digital marketing tips. Many took copious notes throughout the presentation, and several others approached Mac afterward with additional questions about measuring results and recommendations for digital platforms.

While the digital landscape is changing and evolving at exponential rates, Mac’s presentation taught attendees that there is one constant we can count on – the world is a digital-first environment. Marketing strategies that hold on to the traditional past may risk being left behind altogether.