New Ads Promote College/Career Pathways

January 20, 2015

It may be only January, but students throughout central Ohio already are preparing to enroll in courses for next fall.

These are important decisions, as courses taken in high school pave the way for careers or further education. With that in mind, 15 school districts are making sure students know about an important opportunity to explore their options: the chance to sign up for pathways offered as part of Innovation Generation.

This year, an advertising campaign will support the school districts as they begin enrolling students in the pathways. Shoppers at Polaris Fashion Place are seeing brightly colored door clings at strategic entrances showcasing the Innovation Generation brand. Later this month, the community also will begin to see and hear about the pathways in Columbus movie theaters, on Radio One and on Pandora.

Made possible by a $14.4 million Ohio Straight A Fund grant from the Ohio Department of Education, the 15 school district collaboration is a unique approach that turns career education on its head. Instead of choosing between “career tech” or “college prep,” students may do both. The key to this new “way to do school” is academic pathways aligned to the region’s most important industry sectors.

While each school district has tailored its pathways to the unique needs of its community and students, the grant is designed to highlight the challenging and rewarding careers available in advanced manufacturing/robotics, business logistics, health care or IT.

By participating in the pathways, students can gain qualifications for an industry certificate, earn college credits toward an associate degree AND get a head start on a four-year degree.

So, stay tuned – and in the meantime, tell a parent or student to find out more by going to