Saving Lives of Babies in Our Community

June 27, 2014

After six months of meetings, more than 20 presentations by leading national and local experts, and presentations and workshops to more than 400 central Ohioans, the Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force released its final recommendations to ensure more babies thrive in their first years of life.

Noted by one national expert as the most ambitious goal in the country, the Task Force’s work focused on reducing Franklin County’s infant mortality rate 40 percent by 2020 and the racial disparity gap in half. To meet that benchmark, the report lays out eight recommendations.

The issue of infant mortality is tragic, and the crisis in our community is dire – two to three babies die each week in Franklin County before reaching the age of one. Yet, the Task Force ended its work with great hope and momentum.

During the next 90 days, significant work will be undertaken to turn the recommendations into action. An executive committee will be established and a project director will be hired. But, more importantly, lead entities will begin marshaling their resources to build new collaborative relationships and plans to implement the recommendations.

For the first time, our community has a unified, strategic plan to tackle this issue. With it, not only will more families be able to celebrate their babies’ first birthdays, but our community will be healthier, stronger and more successful.

To read the full plan, click here.